Faire Bien


What would we eat if there were no longer any cattle breeders or farmers? Nothing, or next to nothing! Yet, their numbers are steadily decreasing over the years... Some actors are already mobilised to Faire Bien, getting the next generation ready and meeting tomorrow's challenges. That is why on this podcast we offer to share our vision of organic farming every fortnight, but we'll also introduce you to the fine occupation of cattle breeder, to the next generation, to all those who think differently about the agriculture of the future... On the programme: conversations, innovations, and immersions...

Production: OneTwo OneTwo
Journalist: Marion Bouscayrol / Beril Balkan
Directed by: Julien Morin, assisted by Rudy Tolila and Stevan Dinet
With the kind participation of our breeders and the FAIRE BIEN team
Recorded in Paris and in the cattle farms of Normandy
2020 - 2022