Lycée Edgar Poe


Faced with the spread of Covid19 and following school closures, we wanted to promote pedagogical continuity and preserve the student-teacher relationship. To achieve this, we have set up a flexible and practical system thanks to a platform that enables remote development, production, and distribution of podcasts. From development to distribution, the production was managed within a state of emergency, in the context of a lock-down, and on a large scale with more than 50 podcasts published weekly:

  • Teachers record their message over the phone
  • This message is produced as a podcast (adding voice-over, music and chapters)
  • The podcasts are aired on a secure platform students can access.

Rhythm, and this format (audio), offers the sustained proximity needed for serene learning. Podcasts that spark a sense of belonging despite the distance.

Producer: OneTwo OneTwo
Directed by: Julien Morin, assisted by Michaël Fristot
With the kind participation of the headmaster's office, teachers, and students of Lycée Edgar Poe High School (Paris 10th District)
Production Coordinator: Samantha Yeramian
Recorded remotely by phone