Magic World

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Medium length movie directed by Julien Hosmalin

Award for the Best International Track from a Short Film – Garden State Film Festival 2016, Atlantic City USA (Under the pseudonym Julien Besins)

Maud, Adrien and Johan are three teenagers living in a port village in the south of France. Every summer, the place is crowded with tourist, coming to spend their holidays under a blazing sun. While the beaches are crowded and the heat is unbearable, Maud, Adrien and Johan prefer to get in the places only them know about. It is therefore in the shadow of this madness, they will face the ’first times’ all without any limits but the ones they set themselves. Through this initiatory course, everyone tries to find its place, often at the expense of its relationship with the other. But during one of thoses endless summer days between boredom and risk taking, this wandering love triangle will cross the invisible barrier that separates the innocence of childhood from the cynisism of the adult world.

Otsoa Media – 2014

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