Everything always starts with a story. The story as told by fiction, a podcast or a record. Whatever my role, my primary mission always stays the same: understanding this story and feeding off it, then giving it the breadth, the nuance, the unique sound identity it calls for.

Music may be the way to go. As a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, I accompany artists in the studio and on stage (notably Call Me Señor to the Solidays Festival), conceive soundtracks for feature and short films, documentaries (like Johnny par Johnny for Netflix), ads (for brands such as Fursac, Gucci), but I also compose and produce for the theatre and visual art scene.

This plural experience allows me to navigate between styles and mediums, which opens up dreamlike possibilities for each of my projects. What I play carries my signature and reflects my expertise, or that of the musicians I’ve carefully selected.

As the founder of Belea Productions, I’m also at the helm of a production structure that develops podcasts. For my clients (EDF, Danone, the French Blood Establishment, and others), I blend sounds and atmospheres, blow life into diverse, harmonised identities. These audio worlds are built alongside teams of sound engineers, experts in voice processing, global mix, etc., that I specifically assemble for each project.

When it comes to editing and mixing sound to image, I apply the same thinking, as it constantly coalesces singularity and coherence in the interest of your desires, and thus, of your stories.

Contact : julien@beleaproductions.com / (+33) 6 12 99 60 77
Represented by UBBA Agency, Paris.

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